Antimicrobial Socks
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Antimicrobial Socks

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We have partnered with an advanced technology fabric company that makes a fabric called Bio-Graphene.  Bio-Graphene fabric* is a nano-fiber (smaller fibers than micro-fiber),  material that acts like a knife to unwanted particles and therefore killing pathogens it comes in contact with like a knife: anti-viral. In addition, the Bio-Graphene is embedded in the fiber, not a spray that washes off.  Because of the

FDA approved and patented!

If an airborne microbe does get through the material - then you will have the 95% blocking replaceable filter inside your mask which will give you excellent protection.

Graphene has been in commercial use for many years in athletic apparel.  It is not a 'treatment" or something that washes out.  This is a fabric that is structured using advanced patented technology.

*Graphene is a patented material, currently used in other markets. We recommend always use this anti-viral Graphene mask in conjunction with the 95% Blocking filters to get better protection.

Graphene (tm) is a registered trademark, only to be used with authorization.

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Unisex Sizing XS-XL

Envelope packaging made from our Circularis Pulp Shipping Materials!

MOQ 500 pair, can be customized for wholesale