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Here is a brief on the Unique Value Proposition for our plant bio-mass feedstocks value add paper:

Our wheat grass paper offers a sustainable alternative to traditional virgin wood based products in food service, landscaping, home goods and plastics.  Reducing deforestation and helping to combat climate change. Made from +/-80% wheat stalks or any grain stalk / stem / leaves, our paper is a byproduct of agriculture grain farming and requires no additional farming or land use, besides the paper pulp, we have an additional output benefit: 100% of the product input and output is value add. By choosing our products, customers can make a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing quality or performance.

 Replacing wood (usually virgin wood) pulp in papermaking, our starch plastix into  your everyday products is not the only solution for the climate crisis. However, using wheat stalks as a by-product for papermaking and heavy duty products is a more sustainable alternative, as it utilizes waste material and reduces the need for virgin wood and the toxic chemicals it takes to make paper from a tree.

 Based on our calculations, we estimate (based on USA consumption of 72 Million Metric Tonnes annually) that by replacing virgin wood pulp with wheat stalk pulp, we could potentially offset up to 111.6 million metric tonnes of CO2e per year (about 5% of the industrial C02e). 

However, this is a theoretical maximum estimate, and actual offset numbers would depend on various factors such as the adoption rate of wheat stalk pulp, the size of the pulp and paper industry, and the specific CO2 emissions of each production facility.

Seeking partners to build these Wheat Stalk pulp mills in the USA!  We bring the capital equipment / training investments and 50+ years in generational expertise in this regenerative agriculture value add packaging solution. You bring the team to operate the factory.  We can work together to find a solution.

Our proprietary process consists of reclaimed plants from agriculture, we add a small % of recycled paper along with enzyme agents to help it break down into a pulp that can be converted into paper products of many kind.

Replace the low value return of virgin wood for disposable paper - use it to build homes instead!

Here is a brief on the Unique Value Proposition for our plant bio-mass feedstocks for bioplastics:

Our BioPlastics are made with Corn, fully composting in 120 days in proper conditions, 40% Corn Starch + 60% (PP) Polypropylene derived from Corn Ethanol.  This is far more sustainable than Petroleum Plastic (estimated to take over 1000 years to break down). Made from the by products of Corn; the husk, cob and stalks, our bioplastic is a byproduct of agriculture Corn farming and requires no additional farming or land use.

Read our slide deck here and our one page explanation here

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