About Anne Dimond Female Founder

 Anne (O'Connor) Dimond stands as a driving force behind transformative initiatives in sustainable manufacturing. Her journey began as the Director of the first inclusive specialty market apparel brand, Bella Materna, where she disrupted the industry, leading to a design patent and remarkable breakthroughs in inventory turn, direct-to-consumer margins, and customer retention. Prior to this, Anne spent over a decade at Nordstrom Corporate, wearing various hats from Designer to IT implementation specialist, showcasing agility in understanding the holistic needs of organizations.

With over two decades of experience, Anne has influenced cross-functional teams and pioneered advances, positioning herself as a key player in reshaping American supply chains. In 2019, she transitioned to global sustainable sourcing, founding Seattle Creative Studio LLC in Seattle, WA. There, she launched PARATUS OMNIA <prepared for everything>, many of the collections are from recycled textiles collection with 100% compostable packaging. Demonstrating agility during the pandemic, she secured drop-shipping for Nordstrom. In 2020, Anne achieved a milestone with SALUS Protective Gear, introducing the first Bio-Graphene antimicrobial textile face mask and an expanded line of sustainable products.

Since 2022, Anne has spearheaded Happy Planet Packaging, a brand to light up this beacon of innovation. This project focuses on reclaiming agricultural waste for packaging, aiming to reduce industrial CO2e emissions by 6%. Anne's vision includes replacing virgin wood pulp with Wheat straw, saving 185 million trees annually, and utilizing bio-plastics from reclaimed potato and corn. Her vision involves repurposing existing mills and establishing regional facilities, transforming stateside waste and supply chains into regenerative solutions across packaging, consumer goods, and textiles, with a circular supply chain infrastructure to secure jobs in a commodity stronghold.

Anne's leadership extends globally, connecting entrepreneurs and seeking partnerships at the state and federal levels. Her unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and social entrepreneurship is evident in her projects, making her a true force for positive change.

Anne is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

Headshot of Anne (O'Connor) Dimond